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Januray 2013, back to the island for a new season of windsurf courses

Windsurf Fuerteventura 2013 01

January 2013, back to the island for a new season of windsurf courses after some fresh vacations in Europe. What an incredible contrast between – 4 degrees and cloudy to 24 degrees fully sunny!

The meteorological reason for this incredible weather is well known: the Canary Islands stands close to the tropic of cancer where are located most of the driest places in the world. Dry means lots of sun and high temperature, which is perfect to learn windsurf with our school, or improve with some serious windsurf training with video coaching.

So the beginning of the year started with the east trade wind which brings warm temperatures from the Sahara. And you can see pretty well the proximity between Fuerteventura and the desert because on the east part of the north of the island, take place the sand and the dunes coming from the desert.

And sailing on this incredible landscape that also makes the waves taking an incredible turquoise colour is just amazing! If you ever fall into the water you’ll have the chance to see how clear is the water, which makes windsurfing look like sailing on an unreal swimming pool.   

If you need some sun and watersports sensations... you know where to go windsurfing!

Yannick Anton




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